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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with potential questions regarding web site design and development
we have assembled this collection of frequently asked questions.

Name: Samuel Smith
Question: I have a small company and not sure exactly what I need in the way of a web site. Want to have my services listed. Also want to interact with my customers and allow them to request jobs. How much to have this in a web site?
Answer: Great question. On the average most of the sites we do run anywhere from $50.00 dollars up to $150.00 per month. After we review all of your requirements, we can then provide you with an accurate client quote.

Name: Glenda Davidson
Question: Do you provide host of the web site and what about email accounts. We have a small company and need for each one of our employees to have an email account.
Answer: Yes we do! We are a full service web development company and provide the web hosting and definitely email accounts. Review our rates page for details. We also have a great contact us email correspondence system utilizing a photograph for each of your employees. By utilizing this form of contact the end-user know who they are really contacting.

Name: Richard Bowden
Question: If we signup with you how long does your service agreement last.
Answer: The Timed Designs Service Agreement is applicable for as long as you are a TDI client.